8 Unique and New Ways to Use Your Eyeshadows

Here is the truth!

Eyeshadow palette’s cost a fortune and when you manage to buy one, you may or may not love all the colours you get.

This gives rise to a question.

How can I completely use my palette and get my money’s worth?

You are in luck because through this article you might find one or eight ways to use those ‘not so favourite’ eyeshadows.


  1. Blush it on your cheeks: Lipsticks are usually praised for becoming an on-the-go cream blush. However, pressed-eyeshadows can also give you a fresh flustered look and come in handy especially when you are travelling. Gently rub your blush brush over your eyeshadow shade and dab on your cheeks!


Eyeshadow shades suitable for this: Oranges, pinks, bright Reds

  1. Bye-bye Bronzer: Eyeshadows are pigmented and powdery! To naturally sharpen your look, you can now say goodbye to that new-bronzer you were about to buy and simply use your eyeshadows.


Eyeshadow shades suitable for this: Brown eyeshadows (two shades darker than your natural skin tone.)

  1. Luscious Lipstick: You might be thinking how to use eyeshadow as a lipstick? Eyeshadows are powdery while, lipsticks are creamy or liquid-y. There are three different ways to use your eyeshadow as a lipstick.



  1. Apply a chapstick all over your lips and with a flat brush dab on any eyeshadow shade of your choice and purse your lips together and voila you have an on-the-go lipstick.
  2. Take a drop of your matte-foundation and scrape some eyeshadow and mix them both with the help of a lipstick brush and apply it all over your lips. This technique will give you a perfect and long-lasting liquid lipstick look.
  3. Last but not the least, you can use eyeshadows with glitter to highlight the centre of your lips, once you have applied your normal lipstick. This will make your lips look fuller. Like the picture below (you can use more neutral shades if you like)



  1. Highlight the highs: Since eyeshadows work great as bronzers, those eyeshadows with glitter in your palette can also double as your highlighters. Take your usual fan brush and dip it into any shimmery shade in your eyeshadow palette. Then apply it above your cheekbones and on the bridge of your nose and you can get that blinding highlight.


Eyeshadow shades suitable for this: The highlight shades you normally use over your brow bone and inner corners are great for this!


  1. Brush up your Brows: I am sure we are all guilty of buying way too many neutral palettes when we are starting out with makeup. The good thing is you do not have to invest in a high-end brow powder because your eyeshadow can do that job very well.


Take an angled brush and dip into a dark brown eyeshadow shade (never use black!) and gently apply it in the direction of your eyebrow hair. You can also use an old mascara wand and brush your eyebrows before you apply your DIY brow powder.

  1. Easy Eyeliner: It’s not strange to use your eyeshadows as an eyeliner. You can simply apply any dark eyeshadow shade as a line over your lid, using eyeliner or angled brush. Another method is so first to apply your concealer as a liner over your lip and dab on any eyeshadow over it.



  1. Correct with colours: Color correctors are expensive! You might be wondering how to use eyeshadow as a colour corrector. We all have a few crazy shades in our eyeshadow palette which we may not want all over your lids. There are 5 kinds of colour correctors: Green, Orange, yellow, lavender and pink.


You can easily make these using some scraped off eyeshadow and a matte moisturizer. All you have to do is mix them and apply them over the “areas of concern” using a concealer brush or your foundation brush and go over it without your foundation later.


  1. Shimmering shiny Body oil: We appreciate a beautiful glowy-tan look especially during summers. Body oils are usually used to highlight your collarbones, arms and legs and its trendy! But body oils cost a lot, it’s not a product we can use on a daily basis. That’s why it’s better to use a DIY version.


Simply mix a brown shimmer or a golden shade from your eyeshadow palette with some petroleum get and apply it!


These were some creative eyeshadows ideas you can easily try at home especially during this lockdown. Now you know how to use eyeshadow and create eyeshadow looks in a variety of ways!

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