5 Interesting and Spooky Indian Urban Legends You Need to Know About

What are Urban Legends? Urban legends are those horrifying or disturbing stories associated with an unknown being, object, place or a phenomenon. These stories get passed on across various generations within a community orally and are rarely documented. What adds the ‘fear factor’ to these legends is that many people believe them to be true.... Continue Reading →

Why “The Promised Neverland” Anime is the Best Series Ever Made

The Promised Neverland is an anime series based on a Japenese manga written by Kaiu Shira and was serialized by Weekly Shōnen Jump (Best-selling manga magazine) in 2016. In February 2020, the Anime received the “best fantasy” award at CrunchyRoll Anime awards and has also featured in Crunchy Roll’s top 100 Animes of 2010s list.... Continue Reading →

The Outsider

I am an outsider. I am the one peering inside a house from outside the window. I stand in the cold snow, all alone and maybe deep inside I am scared too. I peer inside to see a nicely laid dinner table. I see a family of people. The one who dominates, the one who... Continue Reading →

A Rant: I am Upset

I am having a bad day, I know life cannot always be sunshine and smiles. I am also not saying that I am afraid of hardships or that I don't want to deal with problems. I do and actually, I am the first one who wants to look at my problems in the eye and... Continue Reading →

Why Do People Leave?

So I was watching one tree hill and I noticed that "Peyton" has this saying about people. She says "People Always leave". (If you haven't watched the show it doesn't really matter.) This pushed me into the ocean of thoughts because people actually do leave unless they are your family. So this little article/post is... Continue Reading →

Intoxicants = Books and Stories

Books and stories are indeed very intoxicating. I was never an avid reader but stories and books found a way to accompany me during every stage of my life. My journey with stories began when I was barely 3 years old. My Aunt used to make up stories and she used to narrate them in... Continue Reading →


"I am Guilty". it sounds like a simple statement but it comes with an ocean of responsibility. We all are guilty sometimes of actions we did deliberately and sometimes for doing something unknowingly and then realizing the gravity of our deeds. We say a lot of things and we do a lot of things in... Continue Reading →

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