Let’s Validate Your Need for Validation

“Validation” is something we all need in life, isn’t it? We humans are social by nature, we want people on our side without a doubt. But why is seeking validation seen as something negative? And if it's really that bad why do we still need it? Let’s validate your need for validation!

Representation of Grooming in Amazon Prime’s “Cruel Summer”: Accurate or Not?

The 2021 teen drama series, Cruel Summer revolves around two strong female protagonists Kate Wallis and Jeanette Turner. While Kate fits into the bubbly popular girl image, Jeanette is portrayed as an ugly duckling waiting to blossom. The conflict between these two characters is the heart of ‘Cruel Summer’. The storyline of this series mimics... Continue Reading →

The 16 Personalities Test

We all have an ardent desire to know who we are, what defines us and most importantly what makes us unique. This usually happens when you are in your early teens. The first quality I used to define myself as was an “introvert”. An introvert is generally a person who prefers spending time alone rather... Continue Reading →

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