What is Stockholm Syndrome? Is it the Same as Love?

Most of us must have heard about this term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, as confusing as it sounds, it is a rare psychological phenomenon wherein the victim harbours romantic feelings for his or her kidnapper. People have speculated that “Beauty and the Beast” a popular fairy tale is about this ‘Stockholm Syndrome.’ But it is simply not... Continue Reading →

Losing People

Hi friend, I hope you're okay. Losing someone is not an easy thing to face in life. We lose people for two reasons: a) An end of a friendship/ relationship b) An end of someone's life one thing which will be difficult is to let go of them. And mind you, you can never let... Continue Reading →

The Celebrity-Fan Equation

Many things happen to us daily and sometimes great people happen to us. It can be a stranger turned to an acquaintance and an acquaintance turned to a best friend and best friend turned into your world. You get the gist. Sometimes people introduce you to your old self and they bring back a spark... Continue Reading →

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