Let’s Validate Your Need for Validation

“Validation” is something we all need in life, isn’t it? We humans are social by nature, we want people on our side without a doubt. But why is seeking validation seen as something negative? And if it's really that bad why do we still need it? Let’s validate your need for validation!

Is Skincare A Marketing Gimmick or an Actual Part of Self Care?

When the coronavirus forced our governments to legally put us on house arrest, there were two types of advertisements I encountered: the ones for online courses/workshops and for skincare. Being a makeup enthusiast I honestly expected that the cosmetic industry would shut down during the lockdown. If no one will care about how they look... Continue Reading →

Dear Low Self-Esteem

Dear Low Self- Esteem, I don’t face you often and I don’t want to acknowledge you at all. When people tell me sometimes that maybe you need to believe more in yourself I understand that no matter what I tell myself you are still lurking around in my mind. People say I developed you but... Continue Reading →

It’s Never Too Late

Hey Friend, Life goes on! people change! Priorities change! Just Move on! Don’t worry I am not here to say these things because you probably must have heard these generic phrases a thousand times from different people. If you are reading this you probably are looking for some hope and some reassurance that you will... Continue Reading →

The Celebrity-Fan Equation

Many things happen to us daily and sometimes great people happen to us. It can be a stranger turned to an acquaintance and an acquaintance turned to a best friend and best friend turned into your world. You get the gist. Sometimes people introduce you to your old self and they bring back a spark... Continue Reading →

My Split Personality

We all have a split personality, some with a disorder added in the end and some who are aware of this split personality or duality within them. Honestly my parents and my friends think that I am this shy and naïve girl whom everyone just needs to protect and care for. But that is not... Continue Reading →

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