What is Stockholm Syndrome? Is it the Same as Love?

Most of us must have heard about this term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, as confusing as it sounds, it is a rare psychological phenomenon wherein the victim harbours romantic feelings for his or her kidnapper. People have speculated that “Beauty and the Beast” a popular fairy tale is about this ‘Stockholm Syndrome.’ But it is simply not... Continue Reading →

“Hate to be Lonely” to “Love to be Alone”

So my story began when I was born, I was the only child and my family just has 3 members, one obviously being me. When I was thrown into the traditional schooling system it didn't work well with me. I had friends it's not like since the beginning I was lonely. From 1st grade I... Continue Reading →

Dear Low Self-Esteem

Dear Low Self- Esteem, I don’t face you often and I don’t want to acknowledge you at all. When people tell me sometimes that maybe you need to believe more in yourself I understand that no matter what I tell myself you are still lurking around in my mind. People say I developed you but... Continue Reading →

My Split Personality

We all have a split personality, some with a disorder added in the end and some who are aware of this split personality or duality within them. Honestly my parents and my friends think that I am this shy and naïve girl whom everyone just needs to protect and care for. But that is not... Continue Reading →

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