Indian Mythology: The fascinating Story of Betaal

King Vikram walked towards the graveyard’s tree and lowered the dead body hanging on its branch and carried it over his shoulder silently like always. Then Betaal, who possessed the dead body said, “Oh King! Let me make this journey easier and less tiresome for you. Listen to the story I tell you carefully. At... Continue Reading →

To All The Long Distance Friends I Lost

To the long-distance friends, I lost,   Yes, once we all had to see each other's faces on a day to day basis. At that time it would have sounded ridiculous if I told you that soon we will not get to see each other for months and years. After we graduated from high school... Continue Reading →

A Rant: I am Upset

I am having a bad day, I know life cannot always be sunshine and smiles. I am also not saying that I am afraid of hardships or that I don't want to deal with problems. I do and actually, I am the first one who wants to look at my problems in the eye and... Continue Reading →

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