Just Another 2’s Day

The 2’s Day It’s human nature, to want to be and feel “special” because we are taught that ordinary is boring and somewhere a synonym of being invisible. I feel invisible too, a lot of times I feel like a piece of furniture in a room full of people who “socialise”, it's not because I... Continue Reading →

A Rant: I am Upset

I am having a bad day, I know life cannot always be sunshine and smiles. I am also not saying that I am afraid of hardships or that I don't want to deal with problems. I do and actually, I am the first one who wants to look at my problems in the eye and... Continue Reading →


Dear Ex, I don’t know why but I am writing this. I miss you sometimes but the wounds which you gave me are not going to heal anytime soon. Even if you come back to me, you cannot heal these wounds. You yourself cannot fill the void I felt after we ended things. I know... Continue Reading →


"I am Guilty". it sounds like a simple statement but it comes with an ocean of responsibility. We all are guilty sometimes of actions we did deliberately and sometimes for doing something unknowingly and then realizing the gravity of our deeds. We say a lot of things and we do a lot of things in... Continue Reading →

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