Difficult Daughters by Manju Kapoor BOOK REVIEW + ANALYSIS

About the Author: Manju Kapur is a celebrated Indian novelist. She currently resides in New Delhi and is an English Literature professor at Miranda House, her alma mater. Her debut novel ‘Difficult Daughters’ (1998) won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize (Eurasia Section) in 1999. Her other famous works are ‘A Married Woman’ (2002), ‘Home’ (2006), ‘The... Continue Reading →

Corona Virus Scare: How to deal with the COVID-19 panic?

I am sure we all receive many updates about the coronavirus pandemic and even fake news through social media (WhatsApp forwards). With before and after quartine posts to endless references to F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the meme world has gone bonkers.  After a point, all we do is scroll memes  but jokes apart. People have created several conspiracy... Continue Reading →

The Outsider

I am an outsider. I am the one peering inside a house from outside the window. I stand in the cold snow, all alone and maybe deep inside I am scared too. I peer inside to see a nicely laid dinner table. I see a family of people. The one who dominates, the one who... Continue Reading →

A Rant: I am Upset

I am having a bad day, I know life cannot always be sunshine and smiles. I am also not saying that I am afraid of hardships or that I don't want to deal with problems. I do and actually, I am the first one who wants to look at my problems in the eye and... Continue Reading →

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