8 Unique and New Ways to Use Your Eyeshadows

Eyeshadow palette’s cost a fortune and when you manage to buy one, you may or may not love all the colours you get. This gives rise to a question. How can I completely use my palette and get my money’s worth? You are in luck because through this article you might find one or eight ways to use those ‘not so favourite’ eyeshadows.

Difficult Daughters by Manju Kapoor BOOK REVIEW + ANALYSIS

About the Author: Manju Kapur is a celebrated Indian novelist. She currently resides in New Delhi and is an English Literature professor at Miranda House, her alma mater. Her debut novel ‘Difficult Daughters’ (1998) won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize (Eurasia Section) in 1999. Her other famous works are ‘A Married Woman’ (2002), ‘Home’ (2006), ‘The... Continue Reading →

The Outsider

I am an outsider. I am the one peering inside a house from outside the window. I stand in the cold snow, all alone and maybe deep inside I am scared too. I peer inside to see a nicely laid dinner table. I see a family of people. The one who dominates, the one who... Continue Reading →

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