Just Another 2’s Day

The 2’s Day It’s human nature, to want to be and feel “special” because we are taught that ordinary is boring and somewhere a synonym of being invisible. I feel invisible too, a lot of times I feel like a piece of furniture in a room full of people who “socialise”, it's not because I... Continue Reading →

Is Skincare A Marketing Gimmick or an Actual Part of Self Care?

When the coronavirus forced our governments to legally put us on house arrest, there were two types of advertisements I encountered: the ones for online courses/workshops and for skincare. Being a makeup enthusiast I honestly expected that the cosmetic industry would shut down during the lockdown. If no one will care about how they look... Continue Reading →

Dear Low Self-Esteem

Dear Low Self- Esteem, I don’t face you often and I don’t want to acknowledge you at all. When people tell me sometimes that maybe you need to believe more in yourself I understand that no matter what I tell myself you are still lurking around in my mind. People say I developed you but... Continue Reading →


Dear Ex, I don’t know why but I am writing this. I miss you sometimes but the wounds which you gave me are not going to heal anytime soon. Even if you come back to me, you cannot heal these wounds. You yourself cannot fill the void I felt after we ended things. I know... Continue Reading →

Losing People

Hi friend, I hope you're okay. Losing someone is not an easy thing to face in life. We lose people for two reasons: a) An end of a friendship/ relationship b) An end of someone's life one thing which will be difficult is to let go of them. And mind you, you can never let... Continue Reading →

It’s Never Too Late

Hey Friend, Life goes on! people change! Priorities change! Just Move on! Don’t worry I am not here to say these things because you probably must have heard these generic phrases a thousand times from different people. If you are reading this you probably are looking for some hope and some reassurance that you will... Continue Reading →

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