Just Another 2’s Day

The 2’s Day

It’s human nature, to want to be and feel “special” because we are taught that ordinary is boring and somewhere a synonym of being invisible. I feel invisible too, a lot of times I feel like a piece of furniture in a room full of people who “socialise”, it’s not because I don’t try to be out there, it’s simply because I enjoy my inner world more than this outer world I see and face every day, I am still keeping my inner child alive and away tucked into a special world called imagination. 

I am writing this not because I want to claim I am special or something extraordinary is happening to me, I am just writing this because life has given me this day to feel a little special and a little away from the ordinary. Today’s is my 22nd birthday but it is also a Tuesday, I was born on 22nd Feb 2000 and that day was also a Tuesday, and this is my palindrome birthday (my parents researched this for me) basically and I am rambling about it on my blog only because this is the only extraordinary thing I can do with the gift of word to remember this date. 

On paper, it feels like a rebirth getting my birthday on the same day of the week with all 2’s, just like in 2000. but Ik from this point on I will be pushing myself out of my comfort zone and towards my goals and ambitions. 

As the title spells out, 2’s day, 22-02-2022 and even if you reverse it the date is the same ( sounds really cool and ramble worthy doesn’t it)I hope this 2’s day also leaves me with a second chance to be a better version of myself and create something I am proud of in this lifetime. 

So yay and Happy birthday to me!

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