Vintage Ads From Today’s Top Beauty Brands That Will Blow Your Mind

The term Vintage refers to anything that is 25 years older. Vintage Advertisements are visually appealing even now and evoke feelings of nostalgia in our minds.These advertisements are also a major part of a brands history.They give us an idea about how brands had initially started out and where they are now.

In this article, I will present a few vintage ads from the current top beauty brands and tell you something interesting about their history:

1. Maybelline: This was one brand whose vintage ads were almost everywhere and were the easiest to find.

Maybelline, founded in New York in 1915, has a very interesting backstory.

Thomas Lyle Williams, the founder, in his early 20s, observed that his Sister Mabel was trying to enhance her features by applying a mixture of coal and Vaseline on her eyebrows and eyelashes. Since his sister had inspired the business idea behind his cosmetics company, he named it Mable. Later, he changed it to Maybelline a name that combined Mabel and Vaseline.

No wonder one of the best products that Maybelline sells today are their mascaras, liners and brow pencils!

2. Ponds: Ponds is a multinational company with more emphasis on the skincare side.The very first Pond’s cream was invented by Theron T. He used extractions from Witch Hazel, which could heal small cuts, in the cream and thus, it was later called ponds extraction in 1886.


Till 1910 the ponds cream was advertised in the name of ‘Pond’s Healing’ after Theron sold his company.By 1914, the terms ‘Ponds Vanishing cream’ and ‘Ponds Cold Cream’ took the limelight in Ponds advertisements and ‘Pond’s Healing’ took a backseat.Unilever now produces all the ponds products we see in the market.


Today Pond’s has an entire range of skincare products just for men such as Pond’s men Energy Bright facewash, Ponds Men Pollution Out facewash, Pond’s Men Pimple Clear Facewash, Oil Control Face Crème and many more. The most popular products of Pond’s today are its makeup removers, cleansers, BB cream and talcum powders.

3. Lakme: With its name inspired from the French Opera ‘Lakme’, which literally means Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth), Lakme is an Indian Cosmetics Brand, which used to be a subsidiary of Tata. From 1996, Lakme is owned by Hindustan Unilever.

After Indian gained independence from the colonial rule, an economic survey revealed that Upper-middle-class Indian women were splurging on imported cosmetic products.Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru requested Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata to manufacture these products in India.

JRD Tata easily came up with a cosmetics company which catered to the needs of Indian women Lakme because of his excellent entrepreneurial skills.

Lakme started out by selling basic everyday makeup products such as face powder, foundation, Kajal/Kohl, nail polish and today they are actively producing skincare products, sunscreens, cold cream, face washes and makeup removers.

4. Revlon: Did you know that Revlon was the first company that came up with long-lasting opaque nail polish? Founder Charles Revson’s genius idea of ‘selling hope’ took Revlon from a company with a capital of just $300 to a billion-dollar business today.

Revlon nails

Before Revlon hit the markets with its new opaque nail polish in 1932, the nail polish used by women during that time had been transparent, were not at all long-lasting and were only applied to parts of their nails.Revson was inspired to create an opaque nail polish which covered the entire nail and his main target were salons who could easily lure women into getting manicures after getting their hair done (Evil genius huh!)


Another smart marketing idea adopted by Revlon was to keep varying the nail polish colours according to the seasons and advertising them for that time period.This gave women new options and the excitement of getting their hands on new nail colours.

In 1939, Revlon started manufacturing lipsticks and started another campaign on how women could match their lip colour with their nails.

Today Revlon is still popular for its lipsticks and nail paints!

5. Cover Girl: By allowing only magazine cover models to endorse their products this brand justifies its name Cover Girl.The Cover Girl makeup line was founded in 1958 in Baltimore by Noxzema Chemical company.This company in the early 1950s produced skincare products before venturing into the cosmetics business in the late 1950s.

In 1989, Cover Girl was bought by Proctor and gamble and its products were endorsed by models and popular actresses.


In 1992, Lana Ogilvie became the first black Cover Girl model.Cover Girl is the first major cosmetics company to sign a black model and today James Charles is cover girl’s first male spokesperson.Cover Girl values diversity which distinguishes it from all the other beauty brands.

Today Cover Girl is a drugstore beauty brand that sells affordable beauty products!

I hope you enjoyed going through this article and learned something new about the history of the major beauty brands!

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