To All The Long Distance Friends I Lost

To the long-distance friends, I lost,


Yes, once we all had to see each other’s faces on a day to day basis. At that time it would have sounded ridiculous if I told you that soon we will not get to see each other for months and years. After we graduated from high school and found our colleges. I moved to a different city, we promised each other that we would keep in touch assuming that after all we still have texts, calls and video calls for that matter. We were confident, weren’t we?


Then we parted ways. There was an excitement in the beginning when we used to tell each other about our new friends, new found hobbies and passions and we gave each other detailed accounts of our new experiments and experiences. I promised that I will come to visit you and I did. But then why did our meeting after those months seemed more like a proper goodbye. One of us left the country, one of us had found a boyfriend and one of us just fit in better with her college group. We got replaced with priorities.

I still remember us studying together in the school corridors, us ranting about the people who hated and about absurd topics like how beauty standards are influencing us. I still remember how we first met as strangers and now that we know each other here we are, strangers, again. The only communication I have with you all is seeing your pictures once in a while and those awkward chats we have after months.

I don’t blame you but I blame myself, that I gave up on you. I didn’t text you much I made assumptions that you were busy. I gave you excuses and a chance to take the back seat I still love you all. I am just realizing that I lost you.

Maybe one day we will meet and it won’t seem like a goodbye….


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