A Rant: I am Upset

I am having a bad day, I know life cannot always be sunshine and smiles. I am also not saying that I am afraid of hardships or that I don’t want to deal with problems. I do and actually, I am the first one who wants to look at my problems in the eye and solve them.

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I am not complaining that my life is not perfect, I am happy with wherever I am and I am grateful for whatever I have, don’t tell me that I shouldn’t be depressed because someone else is struggling more than me or is more stronger than me. I know my conditions are better than most of the people; I live in an economically stable home, I have a good social life and maybe a fairly decent mental health. But you know what I am still upset. I know you might be thinking that I am probably a brat for saying this but I am still having a bad day.

I don’t know how to channel my thoughts and how to find a reason for why I am so upset. I just am. People upset me when they think their ignorance is actual knowledge when they have this hunger to prove that they are in some way special. Now again I don’t have a problem with people thinking that they are unique and that everyone has their special gifts. I have a problem with people who think they are special just because they don’t want to accept the fact they are just as ordinary as you and me. They see being ordinary as something inferior.

The believe and claim they are superior just because they keep lying to themselves that they are inferior.

Okay, this might a little confusing, so let me put it  this way “They cover their low self-esteem by faking overconfidence.” They also make people around them feel like they do not matter. This again is a classic characteristic of a bully. Bullies need social validation to feel better about themselves and so do these toxic people.

As people call it, this might be my biggest pet peeve, when people do this. I am having a bad day because I live amongst these people and they manage to get to me. They manage to trigger me. I am having a bad day and I am upset but at least I can face my feelings honestly.


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  1. And what if you want something you dont deserve, something that is beyond your limits. And your feelings are telling you to not to feel about that thing, what should we do then?

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