Why Do People Leave?

So I was watching one tree hill and I noticed that “Peyton” has this saying about people. She says “People Always leave”. (If you haven’t watched the show it doesn’t really matter.) This pushed me into the ocean of thoughts because people actually do leave unless they are your family.

So this little article/post is about a theory that popped up in my mind. I am no expert and this is just a random thought.

The first very incident of a person leaving me was in middle school. I had this friend and we were pretty close but then she sidelined me and started talking to “The New Girl.” Since she was a very close friend I blamed “TheNew Girl” for stealing her away from me.

So coming to the actual point: People always leave because they have this notion that whatever it is that they are leaving you for is much worthy. They believe that the time they invest in you is a pure wastage(OUCH!). So they move on to a new thing, a new hobby, a cooler and a better person and they move on to anything that they find relevant to them.

In the past, you might be relevant to them but now “The New Girl” or “The New Group” or “The New Hobby” seems to be their priority. I am not saying that you are not worthy of their “attention and affection”. It’s just what they believe.

You might observe this sometimes that there are people who are very shallow and less intelligent but still people love to be around them, They seem “Cool”, have you ever wondered why? Its because when you are a teen or are going to enter your teens SOCIAL VALIDATION IS VERY IMPORTANT. Since the popular kid is very very relevant and he/she seems to get all the validation somehow. They simply think you are not worth their time.

Maybe that is why people are so desperate to be no.1 because they will always be a priority and maybe in their subconscious, they too are scared of getting abandoned. The paranoia of being left alone makes them work hard and be better.

There is nothing you can do to stop people from leaving and to be honest you shouldn’t.

But if you want them to hold on to you for some reason then you have to find what is keeping them away from you and try to be that thing. (It is very self-degrading. You really do not need to change for someone else).

Now you might be wondering how do I cope with being left alone?

The answer is very very simple, find someone/something new which appeals to your priority in life. This will empower you and not depress you. You are WORTHY. You deserve ALL THE HAPPINESS in life.


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