“I am Guilty”. it sounds like a simple statement but it comes with an ocean of responsibility. We all are guilty sometimes of actions we did deliberately and sometimes for doing something unknowingly and then realizing the gravity of our deeds. We say a lot of things and we do a lot of things in our everyday life and whatever we do it matters. Our actions and our words have an impact on other people. And when we cause a negative impact we feel guilty.

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We all are guilty deep inside and our conscience it won’t let us be. Some of us may have silenced this conscience but it doesn’t cease to exist. It haunts us through our memories and our dreams.

Perhaps this feeling of guilt makes us human. Because the moment we realize our guilt is the moment we realise that what we did was inhumane.

We may not be answerable to other people, but deep inside we are answerable to our own selves. We all are the embodimentĀ of guilt. As a matter of fact, we all are sinners somewhere. No matter how good you are as a person there will be a time in your life when you went against your own values, against your own principles. No one can be saved from that unless you decide to sacrifice everything for your values.

“Guilty” it’s not just a word, it’s not just something which needs to be proven in a court of law. It is something we feel, we go through and something which needs no proof to be proven in the court of humanity. We watch ourselves and we always know if we are “guilty” or not.

So I am guilty of hurting people, breaking their trust and of trying to save myself from my own conscience. The question you need to answer is: What are you guilty of?

via Daily Prompt: Guilty

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