Will You Still Love Me? Book Launch Experience.

Ravinder Singh is one of my favourite authors. I find his novels really gripping and once I start reading one of his books I just cannot stop. His latest book “Will You Still Love Me?” was again very gripping, unique and interesting. The plot centres around a love story between a Punjabi boy Rajveer and Lavanya from Shillong but what was distinctive about this book was the theme of “Road Safety.”

Ravinder Singh used logic, emotion and common sense to instil the importance of road safety in the reader’s mind and it is highly commendable.

So when my friend informed me that he was coming to Hyderabad I was just so thrilled and I was totally being a fangirl. He was coming to Landmark, KMC Retail Mall which was close to where I stay.


So we were all set, to go meet him and have an amazing day. I was, let’s just say very over enthusiastic so I practically dragged my friend to Landmark an hour before the meet was due and guess what we got front row seats. I was being so childish but it was a dream come true situation for me. (PS. The view from the front row was worth it.)

We waited, waited and waited and he finally came. All the formalities were done and we got to the first best part. He briefly talked about the storyline of the book. He discussed some shocking facts related to road accidents and how in general we have this “it won’t happen with me.” syndrome.  He shared that whenever he read a news report on a road accident he couldn’t help but think that someone lost their beloved.

He used this emotional aspect in his book “Will You Still Love Me?” and chose the romance genre because he wanted the book to be relatable for the reader. The book brought in a different angle to educate us about the importance of road safety.

Then we got to the second best part. The question answer part. People came up with interesting questions and I too got an opportunity to ask a question.

Then he read an excerpt from the book which he particularly enjoyed writing. It was the part where Lavanya, describes how much she wants to love coffee and how she loved everything about coffee but unfortunately she did not like its taste. He spoke through his character, about his actual preference. 

I got to hear heartwarming stories and opinions of other readers. It was so beautiful to see how much his books impacted people. It is not only inspiring for the author but also to the fellow reader because we get to see so many different perspectives on a book we all have in common. There was this one particular man who had promised his friend that he will take her to meet the author of “I too Had A Love Story”(His first book) and he finally did that today. It reminded me of my best friend kinda missed that idiot.

I got my book signed by him, it was the most exciting and amazing moment for me. I really will never forget this lovely day. It was the first book launch I have ever attended and it inspires me so much.

Thank you, Ravinder Singh, for flying all the way from Delhi and for meeting us!




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