Losing People

Hi friend,

I hope you’re okay. Losing someone is not an easy thing to face in life. We lose people for two reasons:

a) An end of a friendship/ relationship

b) An end of someone’s life

one thing which will be difficult is to let go of them. And mind you, you can never let go of someone completely, their memories will stay.The role they played in your life will stay. You can’t forget it and you shouldn’t try to forget it. I know these memories won’t let you live in peace. They will haunt you in your dreams and in your reality.

Your past starts making your present feel like hell. Everyone asks you to move on or try to replace them in your life. But my dear friend you are not wrong when you think that they are irreplaceable. No one no matter how great they make your life can replace that void this person has left behind. You will remember them in your sorrows and more so in your happy moments. Because you have cried and also celebrated a few special and distinct things with this person.

Someone once told me do not make one person your life because then when they will leave, you will be all alone. You would have neglected your others friends and even your family. I know this loss has hit you in your head and in your heart really bad because you wouldn’t be reading this it hadn’t.

There are phases of actually letting people go. First, they leave physically. You can no longer run to them. Maybe you will see each other and smile but that’s it. Second, they cut you out mentally. They pass through you like you don’t exist for them anymore. Third, will be the stage of anger. The stage when you feel every moment you spent with them seems like an illusion. You will try to replace them. But you fail. Fourth, will be the stage when you blame yourself and the words you could have said to stop them from leaving you.Fifth will be the stage when you finally accept they are gone and they are never going to come back. You keep yourself busy and eventually confront the haunting memories.

You will move forward if not today, tomorrow you will. Losing a person is difficult but do not lose yourself. Do not neglect other relations and do not make the same mistakes you made with this person.

Yours Truly,


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