It’s Never Too Late

Hey Friend,

Life goes on! people change! Priorities change! Just Move on! Don’t worry I am not here to say these things because you probably must have heard these generic phrases a thousand times from different people. If you are reading this you probably are looking for some hope and some reassurance that you will be able to get out of a terrible situation.

You are at the right place and I am saying this with a guarantee that it’s never too late. It is never too late to change things and to change yourself for good. I know whatever situation you are in, it currently has a grip on you, whenever someone points it out your heart sinks and you are hit by a truck of insecurities. I know I have been there too. I feel the edge it puts you on. You may feel like your world has flipped upside down and you have lost control.

I haven’t seen a lot in my life and I am not a 1000-year old vampire (TVD FAN ALERT) either. I can offer you my empathy. I am sorry you had to go through this. But still seas don’t make you a good sailor, you need to sail through storms and you need to reach the island i.e. your goals. You may think everything has changed, I agree that things won’t go back to being how they were but there is more to life. Life only ends when you get defeated by it. You need to show life who is in control and who is the master.

A wise thought to consider will be “try to change what’s in your control.” Improve yourself and develop integrity because if you don’t support yourself no one is going to come and pick you up. You are not a loser because life got to you, you will be a loser if you abandon yourself. Leaving the blame game to others, they will blame you for both things you have done and things you haven’t. Wear a thick skin around these toxic people, their little scratches won’t affect you.

It’s never too late to be courageous, it’s never too late to try, it’s never too late to live again, it’s never too late to smile again and it’s never too late to save yourself again.




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