The 16 Personalities Test

We all have an ardent desire to know who we are, what defines us and most importantly what makes us unique. This usually happens when you are in your early teens. The first quality I used to define myself as was an “introvert”. An introvert is generally a person who prefers spending time alone rather than with a group of people.

It was like I realized something unusual about myself and I was proud that it makes me different from other people. The typical introverts are awesome attitude.

I started searching for more information about introversion and I could relate to every single post. I finally felt like I can define myself in a word. But then things change and people change too. I had this friend in my high school and she started influencing me, I was more out-going suddenly and it drained me because after a point people just made me sick. I just wanted some “me time” away from their chaos and nonsense gossip. Away from pretensions and putting in efforts to look chirpy all the time.(It is difficult when you have a resting sad face problem going on!)

Eventually, I got used to pretending and when I make up my mind, I can be very social. I suddenly change into this persona of a witty and humorous girl who is so relatable. I started observing patterns in the people I met, patterns on what their general interests were and it’s not much work honestly.

Then this term called “Ambivert” came into being. A perfect balance between introvert and extrovert. Then I decided that probably I was that. But my vision of myself was still blurry and I was much more curious about defining myself

I took up psychology as a subject later on and learned about this cool personality test called the 16 personalities test. It basically defines your personality in four to five qualities and the combination of this qualities.

Here is the exact test I took:

So the five qualities they talk about are:

  1. Extraversion vs Introversion: Determines how we interact with the external environment
  2. Intuitive vs Observant: What we use to judge our environment? Imagination/facts
  3. Thinking vs Feeling: Determines whether we make decisions from our head or the heart and do our emotions control us more than we control them
  4. Judging vs Prospecting: Determines whether you are an organised person or more of a spontaneous planner.
  5. Assertive vs Turbulent: Determines whether you are self-confident and calm or a perfectionist who is always concerned about their abilities. Assertive people do not really give importance to what other people think of them but turbulent people do.

I got the type ENFP-T, what about you? Go find out your type!


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