My Split Personality


We all have a split personality, some with a disorder added in the end and some who are aware of this split personality or duality within them. Honestly my parents and my friends think that I am this shy and naïve girl whom everyone just needs to protect and care for. But that is not true. I am much more than that and I much more than the labels people apply to me.

Some say I am a strong person who has a strong character. While, others say I am weak and characterless. Some assume I am sorted and simple and some that I unnecessarily complicate my life. They always perceive me in two different extremes and shockingly it doesn’t come as a surprise to me. This duality within me is true and undeniably true.

I could take a bullet for my friend, while planning how to psychologically torture my EX. I can hoard books and makeup both. I can be the dumbest person you have ever met or maybe the smartest and the most sensible one. I can be dying and rotting inside with depression while trying to make others happy around me. I can be brutally honest and a compulsive liar.

Who decides my limits? Who decides that you can’t be this if you are that?

If you don’t embrace your flaws and if you don’t bear the consequences they bring with them, you really will never grow.

This is life and this is a person we are talking about. If we don’t learn to contradict ourselves and to keep our minds open towards two different extremes then we aren’t living we are simply pretending to be this one character all the time. No one is perfect and I believe that if someone achieves perfection in character, there are several imperfections beneath the surface just waiting to happen.

Trust me you will get tired and you will always stay unsatisfied if you don’t try to reinvent yourself. “I wish I was like someone else for one day.” Doesn’t this idea cross your mind? If it does then go do what you want to do. If you are brave enough own up to it or simply do what you want to do secretly. As long as, you don’t harm others and most importantly harm yourself, nothing should stop you. I found my split personality the question is have you?

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